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SABC capture discussion volumes on Twitter

SABC capture discussion volumes on Twitter

It’s bittersweet to see that the capture of the SABC has been generating sustained conversation on Twitter. People aren’t letting this one go. 130k tweets since the 28th of June which is pretty large for a South African dataset and still going strong 🙂 / 🙁

[PLEASE NOTE: I originally posted this on the 20th July 2016]

SABC discussion

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  1. ben Ashoori

    I would like you mention my comment on the land issue discussions.
    not like other comments so far is been broadcasted.

    1-It must become illegal that media subdivide people according to color of skin or genetics that nobody had a choice to be.

    2- Human assessors all started from Southern Africa and traveled to rest of world, some came back to Africa at different times some do not come back.
    3- All human race are originally African.

    4-South Africa first was occupied by Bushmans, then Sotho and Tswana moved from north with lots of Semetic gens in and ocupied some lands. Koza and Zulu came later on and take over fertile lands from sotho and swana’s. then Eroupians came.

    5- All took some lands by force to give all the lands to Bushman’s is not practical.

    6- In USA and Australia immigrants killed most of Original people living there. Whites there were religious and did not killed Original people and accept to give government to majority somehow peacefully with Some conditions and are regretting the Apartheid period.

    7- in future only like America only 1% of population shall work in Agriculture. There is no money in Agriculture. Farmers are in bad financial situations.
    Africans mainly were hunting or keeping cattles not real planting any crop. Maze came to Africa by whites from South America.

    8- You can categorize people to Poor and rich middle class and oportunists that want to raid commercial lands to sell them lateron to make quick money.

    9- There is enough unutilised land that goverment can buy at lower cost and also owns lots of land to provide poor peple for Accomodation and even farming.

    10- lots of tribal lands nature reserves, game farms and … 90% of lands in south Africa is not utilized can be rented to poor people for few years if they develop it then for 20 years an so on. they must not offered land to sell back to rich people.
    if interested you can contact me on

    tell no 011-3123393 0827076900


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