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Black First, Land First and #PravinMustGo

Black First, Land First and #PravinMustGo

Andile Mngxitama and his “Black First, Land First” party really intrigue me. I can’t work out where they are coming from. First he joins as a senior member of the EFF but is kicked out. He then pops up as a talking head on Gupta-owned news station, ANN7.

He/they espouse perhaps the most radical agenda in SA politics at the moment but at the same time, everything they say always ends up aligning with Jacob Zuma’s interests. For example, here they represent a prominent community in the Pravin Gordhan saga over the past few days (top community in peach/beige) so they have a lot to say on the subject:

Black first 1

When you look at what they are saying though, it’s all about Pravin propping up white capital. Also notice the presence of the Gupta-owned newspaper, The New Age, in the list of top content that this community retweeted (note that I’ve blurred parts of the top retweets out for privacy reasons):

Black first 2

[PLEASE NOTE: I originally posted this on the 29th August 2016]

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